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A Little About Me

I am Manminder Dhami

I am Manminder Dhami and I started “The Art of Ayurvedic Healing” with an aim to assist individuals in the journey of self-acceptance and inner growth for healing from diseases, pain or bad times of their lives in the most natural way so that their body can experience the power of natural herbs with no side effects.

Having worked 33 years in Finance, I have gone on to learn Ayurveda.I did this at Ayurvedic Institue, Alberquerque, New Mexico. I know this is my pathway to serve others.

Being from Indian origin I have good knowledge of spices, herbs, and the combination of seeds that we use in our everyday cooking, which have significant benefit to our diet and lifestyle especially when it comes to empowering body functions. I have completed my online training in Ayurveda and after that, I went to New Mexico for qualification of Ayurvedic Studies Level 1 and 2. Under the supervision of Dr. Vasant Lad, I have completed my practice of clinical treatments as well.

I utilize my knowledge of addressing, diet plans, lifestyle, therapies, herbal products, and contemplative practices, and eventually herbal and body treatment recommendations, I have started my practitioner and consultancy services along with the facility of several varieties of massages and treatments.

Treat your body with the care of nature.

A Little About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is treating imbalance

Ayurveda is about treating human body imbalances, illness or pain with natural ingredients or through some methods of charging pressure points and activating cells naturally with herbal compounds, minerals, and metal substances. The therapies and treatment ways have varied and advanced over more than two millennia.

According to Ayurveda concepts humoral balance is the center of health, and suppressing natural impulses or an imbalance state (viṣamatva) is considered unhealthy and claimed to lead to illness. Hence a state of equality or balance ( sāmyatva) is essential.

Ayurveda considers the energies as compelling elements to create a balance in lifestyle that can lead to wellness and better health. The five humors (Mahabhutas) are:

Ether (Space/Akasha),Wind (Air/Vayu),Fire (Agni),Water (Jal), and.Earth (Prithvi)

The classification of Dosha elements is:

Vata Dosha – Ether/Air Elements Pitta Dosha – Fire/Water ElementsKapha Dosha – Water/Earth Elements


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