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Types of Ayurvedic Massage Therapies for Different Diseases

Ayurvedic Massage

The history and success of Ayurvedic massage therapies offer a lot for everyone to learn. Ayurveda massage, which first originated in India some 5,000 years ago, is considered to be one of the more holistic methods of treatment. The treatment is built upon the understanding of our human body as ‘whole’, with due consideration of all external factors that can play a role in a particular illness.

The massage takes into consideration external stimuli such as the environment and the society you live in, within consideration as well before treating ailments. Ayurvedic massage therapies have numerous types which are linked towards specific ailments or illnesses. We look at these types in detail here and understand their individuality.


This massage type is different from all other types of Ayurvedic massage therapies, as it entails the pouring of lukewarm oil from a special vessel known as kindi. The vessel is placed at a distance of some inches from your body, as the masseuse performs their massage. This massage type helps in addressing the stiffness in your body, including extreme cases such as fractures, paralysis, monoplegia, paraplegia and hemiplegia. The warmness of the water, from the kindi, will help in generating perspiration, which is an integral part of this type of massage.


The Njavarkijhi type of massage is mostly unique, but similar to Pizhichil in the sense that it looks to generate perspiration from your body as well. This massage type comes from Kerala in India, where once the medicated oils are applied, small cotton blouses are filled with cooked Njavara rice to give a pressurized massage. During the course of the massage these blouses are gently dipped within cow’s milk and a special herbal paste is also given for producing sweat. This massage type isn’t just good for your skin, but can also help with revitalizing and de-stressing.


The Shirodhara head massage looks to improve the focus and ability you show during daily life. This head massage stimulates the nerves in your scalp by pouring herbal oil on the head. The constant stream of herbal oil on the head is complemented with a soothing massage. This massage types relieves mental fatigue, increases your focus and helps alleviate headaches.


The Ubtaan massage type involves using numerous animal centric materials and herbal oils to create a beauty and skin solution. This skin massage revitalizes your skin pores and helps improve the texture. The texture and smoothness of this massage helps in improving external beauty as well as improving the flow of blood inside your body.


Abhyangam is a full body massage that is done through hot oil. The masseuse has to be extremely careful here, as they need to ensure that a comfortably warm and moderate temperature is maintained within the room. Special skills are required for exerting pressure over certain areas of the body, and building that pressure through warm oil. The pressure is exerted to release toxins that are deeply seated within your body, and to improve overall blood circulation. This type of massage can also improve the coordination between joints, bones and muscles within your body.


The udvartana massage type is aimed to release toxins within your body and to improve blood circulation. The treatment option is perfect for those looking to lose some weight, reduce their cholesterol level and focus on skin complexion. The massage type is particularly famous for hair growth as well, as the herbal paste used for skin nourishment can help break down the adipose tissues within your body.


The Garshana massage type does not involve any oil or herbal powders. The technique followed here is to stimulate your body by only wearing raw gloves, and without applying any lubricant. The light movements across the body are meant to release toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. This massage type can also help your skin look radiant, and can lead to the reduction of fat cells within the body.

There is a type of Ayurvedic massage therapy for all kinds of ailments and illnesses. You can go for Ayurveda Massage Bedfordshire to experience the benefits of the treatment in its true form.