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MARMA (Energy/Pressure Point Massage)

MARMA (Energy Point Massage)

There are 107 energy points or doorways in a human body through which we can manage to heal the conscious and physical state of a human body. Each point allows for entry into the “chakras”- the vibrational energy centers along the spine in the “subtle” body, releasing blocked energy and stimulating pranic flow.

Marma therapy is the energy healing process so it benefits in several ways some of which includes cleaning of toxins, improvement of digestion plus food absorption process, facilitation for organs to function properly, increment of immunity level, balance of body temperature, nourishment of skin, better hair growth, relief from deep pains on both local and distal levels. Also releases neuro-chemicals such as serotonin, melatonin for improved cognitive function, deeper sleep and better stress relief.

(60 mins) £70