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Amazing Benefits of the Ayurveda Oil Massage

Ayurvedic massage

Abiyangam or Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic massage therapy that is holistically healing and not a conventional massage with countless health benefits. It is considered that there is no superior expression of self-love smoothing ourselves every inch with warm, Ayurvedic oil. This exercise of full-body oil massage is referred to as Abhyanga. Similar to the practice of being loved, the experience nourishes the body, reinstates the balance of Doshas and improves one’s longevity and well-being.

There are many advantages to Abhyanga; some may even amaze you! Here’s a list of our favourite and most astounding benefits from a long-term and continued practice of Ayurvedic Massage.

Removes body impurities and helps in weight reduction:

Nowadays, every other person around us is suffering from obesity or issues related to overweight. People invest huge chunks of money on medicines and treatments for shedding their excess fat, but all in vain. Making this Ayurvedic massage your ultimate companion through weight loss program will enable you to experience astounding results without any side effects. In Ayurveda, excess body weight relates to body imbalance. The medicated oils in Abhyanga massage functions as a fat burner, getting rid of all the toxins and impurities from your body.

Calms nerves and promotes better and deeper sleep:

The sensation of Abhyanga is profoundly nourishing to your nervous system, mind, skin, joints and soul. The massage provokes a feeling of being enfolded in loving arms. It emulates the warmth and makes a great difference in how you feel about yourself as well as about everyone and everything around you. It substitutes your anxieties with a sense of contentment and calmness. The oils used in the Ayurvedic massage is stable, heavy, calm, warm, and grounding- all the makings of sound sleep. The massage will help you fall asleep and remain asleep through the night.

Smoothens and softens skin, diminishing the effects of ageing:

Dreaming of soft, lush skin in spite of seasonal changes? Want to get rid of the sensation of cracking and dryness? Abhyanga oil therapy offers a buffer between harsh environmental effects and your skin, maintaining skin soft and supple. You can identify your increased resistance to cracking, dryness, and even bruising, thanks to the lubrication and hydration of the skin using Abhyanga. The Ayurvedic full-body massage also nourishes the fragile skin and enhances skin’s vibrant, natural tone helping it to adapt to the process of ageing more gracefully while decreasing wrinkles.

Improves blood circulation and stimulates internal organs:

Abhyanga stimulates blood circulation encouraging rapid elimination of metabolic wastes and providing instant relief to diseases, offering stamina and energy to last throughout the day. An unsung advantage of Abhyanga is its ability to nourish and stimulate visceral organs. The massage helps in tuning up the physiology of the organs and optimises the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. It also energises and revitalises the cells of the body. Take care of the most crucial thing you have: yourself. It is charming to note that Abhyanga has emotional, physical, and psychological effects. Each one of us deserves to be nourished, cared for and loved. By making Abhyanga a practice, you are essentially taking care of yourself. It is important to prioritise your needs, and this gives you the much needed “me time”. The experience will provide you with a deep sense of warmth, stability, comfort and confidence.

Weight Gain In low-birth-weight Infants

A study published internationally concluded that massage among low-birth-weight babies may have the potential to contribute towards a greater weight gain and healthier adaptation to external stimuli. It also assumed that massage is benign and easy to administer which can improve growth and development of the infant in the form of improved weight gain, steady physiological parameters and development in the behavior of the baby

The warm medicated oils used in Ayurvedic massage deeply penetrate cells and release mental, physical, and spiritual toxins from our system, hence detoxifying our body every inch of the way, inside out. The herbs, oils and Ayurveda massage in Bedfordshire will be sensibly chosen and tailored to suit your Doshas and body type, enabling you to precipitate the stored-up toxins and encouraging self-healing of tissues.